Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to Host Images on Blogger Blogs | Profile Images, Logos, and Banners

Use a Blogger Blog to host your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Meebo, Friendfeed, or other social networking profile picture, banner, or logo.  You don't have to pay for expensive image hosting to store or link to your photographs anymore.

Yes, you can use Google's Blogger platform or Blogspot Blogs to host your photographs and images.   It's very easy to do.  Let me show you exactly how to host pictures, images, logos, and banners using a plain-old Blogger Blog, by Google.

You can still link to and from these images, just like you can from other free image hosting sites like  Photobucket and ImageShack.  I like to use Blogger because it's convenient and increases the likelihood of your optimized images being added to Google Image Search results.  This, in effect, increases your subscribers, readers, and overall traffic to your site.

Here's How to Host An Image on Blogger:

  1. Sign in to your Blogger Blog as you normally would.
  2. Click "Posting," and then click on "New Post" to begin adding a post.
  3. On your Blogger toolbar, click the "Insert Image" icon to add an image.
  4. Click "Uploaded Images."
  5. Click "Browse."  Choose the image that you want to add and click "Upload" to choose that particular image.
  6. Now click "OK" to add that image to your blog post.  You have now added your image to Blogger for hosting.
How to Post and Share Your Newly-Created Image Link:

You are now ready to post, share, and hotlink this image anywhere on the Internet.  Here's how.
  1. "Right-click" the image and then click "View Image." 
  2. You will find the URL, or the domain name of this image in the browser bar.  This is the link location of your new image. 
Where Can You Use This Image Hosting Link?

You may display your image anywhere now, simply by providing this link.  Post it to your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google, or other social networking profile.
    Examples of Banners Hosted on Blogger:

    Google Image Blog

    Freelance Jobs Daily Update

    Freelance Jobs Daily Update

    Freelance Jobs Daily Update

    Freelance Jobs Daily Update

    Freelance Jobs Daily Update

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